Back on WordPress once again.

There was no real reason to write this, and no great insight will be found by reading it. But there are a small handful of people who were confused, and hopefully this will clear the fog.

I have had a blog at since 1996, which has been about as long as there’s been a publicly popular internet. It went through LOTS of changes over the years, finally culminating in a blog that I had hosted at After discovering Facebook, my blog posts basically stopped happening, because Facebook is actually a better tool for communication than a blog for most people (in my opinion). Since I wasn’t writing blog posts anymore, and the website served very little purpose, I got pretty lazy about its existence. And paying the bills.

Now, for the first time in a decade, I no longer own, because I put off paying the domain name bill, and someone snapped it up. Damn me and my lazy ways! So I bought (Go Chet GO!), and decided to use some free hosting at that I used to use several years ago, and that would be easier and cheaper, especially for a website that serves very little purpose. It does contain a copy of my Bio, though, which I really like, and it kind of neat to have occasionally.

So anyway, this post is to introduce you to my new/old blog that I may or may not start posting onto again.  I’m being very slow and lazy about updating it (so don’t be surprised if you find outdated information on it.  A since we’re here, I also just now decided to use this post to introduce you to the new Manitou Station website that I built using Wix (which is an awesome tool!). Check it out and tell me if you hate it. (And yes, I’m well aware that the calendar has no information on it yet. Check again next week.) 🙂


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