I joined Facebook today.

I would tell you how to look for me on Facebook, but I don’t know.

I also don’t know what I’m supposed to gain by being on Facebook now.  I’m not sure that I understand what the point of Facebook is.  The only reason I joined is because every other article that I read about the internet lately mentions how popular Facebook is, and how social networking is the future of the internet, and how young people don’t even use email anymore because they’re just using social networking to communicate…

And so far, I just dont’ get it.  Maybe this will change later.  Right now it appears that I’ve just given the people at Facebook far too much personal information about myself, and what I got in return is the ability to log on to Facebook, and notice that I have an account there.

I’m still a little lost as to what the advantage of this is supposed to be.  I already have a website, you see.  And you know this, because you’re reading it.  I already know who my friends are, because Facebook searched my email contacts to find out who they were, which means I already knew how to get a hold of them.  I think that I can post pictures onto Facebook, but again, I could already do that onto my website, so that’s not really an advantage either.

I’m really, really trying to figure out what the heck makes Facebook so popular, and what advantage I’m supposed to get by being a member, but so far I seem to be missing the point.  Of course, I felt (and still feel) the same way about MySpace and all other social networking sites.

There’s got to be something that I’m missing here.  If anyone knows what it is, please let me know…


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