Surfs up?


Ah yes…

A fresh day.  Everything seems better on a fresh day, doesn’t it?  You know…  When you’ve had a good nights sleep.  When you got up and went to the gym (instead of skipping it, as you do all too often).  When you’re having a decent day at work.

It makes me want to learn to surf. 

I’ve been checking out several surf camps and locations on the old Internets lately, because I decided a few months ago that I really need to learn how to surf.  This is something that I really should have done in my 20’s, but with all the drinking, partying, hitchhiking, and adventuring, I just never managed to fit it into my schedule.

My complaint in my last post was that I’m getting older, and I’m sorry to have bothered you with it.  Sometimes the inexorable march towards ‘not so young’ brings a soul down, as does the realization that you don’t always get the life that you ordered.  But it’s also attuned me to the prospect of doing the weird and/or unexpected.  Like learning to surf.  Or commandeering a freighter.  Or starting a cult (at which, I would excel mightily, I believe).

I will start by learning to surf.  So, if you know of anyone that has done such a thing, by all means let me know.  I need a new personal challenge, I think.  I believe that achieving a goal is the correct step when you’re being bitch-slapped by the hand of time.  Just sitting around and being pissed off certainly isn’t doing any good, anyway, so this is, at the very least, something different.

I will let you know if I ever commandeer a freighter or start a cult.


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