Housing up. Happiness down.



A new post. That’s what a few people have been asking me for lately. And frankly, I’ve not been able to really think of anything to write about lately, because I would prefer to keep my blog as positive as possible.

But this hasn’t been a very positive couple of weeks for me. Holidays have historically stressed me out a little bit (although I only seem to ever notice it in retrospect), and I’ve been dealing with an ex-roommate/friend who appears to have made the decision to fuck up my Christmas by screwing me out of several hundred dollars right before the holidays. Working for Best Buy during the holidays is no picnic, either, even though I know how lucky I am to be working in the corporate offices instead of putting in the horrible hours in a store.

But I think the thing that is really taking a toll on me right now is a realization that I’m just plain getting older. Don’t misunderstand, however. I could care less about my physical age, and I don’t really have any fear of losing youth. The depressing part about this is the realization that I’m not ever going to be able to afford anything. I can begin to clearly see that I’m always going to be living paycheck to paycheck. My credit is always going to be pretty fucked up. I’m probably never going to own a home. And although I have become very adamant about taking personal responsibility for how my life turns out, I really think that my generation (and those younger than me) are really getting the short end of the stick when it comes to home ownership.

Above, I’ve posted a pic (which you can click to see better) that describes for you what has happened with housing prices, adjusted for inflation, over the last 100+ years. You may notice that anyone who didn’t already own a home is pretty seriously fucked at this point. Renting looks like its going to be a long term deal for me right now, and that puts me at the whim of landlords and roommates.

Being at the whim of landlords and roommates has costed me about $1000 in the last month in unneeded expenses, so I’m not feeling too sunshiny about that just this moment.

Perhaps I’ll have a nicer, and more positive, thing to write about tomorrow. But for today you’ll just have to wallow in negativity with me. Just for a little bit.


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