My communication-interweb-tele-techno-music-video-chat device.


I have been with T-Mobile for nearly 7 years.  I can’t name many people who have been with a cellular company for that long, especially because they nearly force you to switch every couple years if you want to update your phone.  The reason I chose T-Mobile in the first place was because I wanted a super cool phone that had this remarkable new Bluetooth technology and a COLOR screen!  Remember, this was in 2001.  And I had the beautiful T68i.

That phone died long ago.  I can’t even remember what happened to it.  So I have been just buying cheap replacements and waiting patiently for some sort of killer deal to come up.  But sadly for me, I only seem to want the best thing available, and I can never afford that sort of luxury, so I just continued to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Fast forward to October 2007.  I’ve been meaning to get myself something nice for ‘quit smoking for over a year’ present, but I hadn’t really needed anything, or been able to afford it.  T-mobile had been pissing me off for a couple years now, having never given me a deal on a new phone despite nearly 7 years as a loyal customer, but this was partially my own fault, because there really hasn’t been anything I wanted that was in my price range.

And then not long ago something came out called the BlackBerry Curve.  I’ve always wanted a device that had a full keyboard and email functionality, but also had a camera and wireless internet capability.  There has been very little available with that kind of functionality for less than $500, and this is only barely an exception at a street price of $450.  But T-mobile had a special deal going for new subscribers for $250, so I called and made my plea…

Long story short…  I’ve got a new phone for $200, and it can do nearly everything!

Plays video
Plays MP3’s
Has Camera
Full Keyboard
Internet Access through cellular
Internet access through Wi-Fi
Mapping software
Plays games
Makes Chet happy ‘cause he’s not carrying around a big pile of Suck anymore for a phone.  🙂

Anyway, you probably don’t really care about my phone fetish, but I thought I would share a little of myself with you.  Exciting, huh?


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