Posted by: gochet | October 6, 2007

Things that you should probably know about Money.

Got a few minutes? Then watch this…

Above you will find a video that is the first of a 5 part series on It is a fascinating explanation of money, and how the concept of money has changed and been corrupted over the decades by a banking system and governments until money no longer has anything to do with value.

I put this on the front of my website because I think this might be one of the most important documentaries that you’ll ever watch.

Below I have direct links to all 5 parts being hosted on YouTube. Watch, learn, and enjoy.

1. Corrupt Banking System – Cartels Robbing the Public (1/5)
(This is the one that you see above)

2. Corrupt Banking System – How Money is Created (2/5)

3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt (3/5)

4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform (4/5)

5. Corrupt Banking System – Warning About the NWO (5/5)



  1. great series.

    must see.

    every primary school should screen this to their 10 year old students.

    break the system!

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