Reasons that I’m trying to tell myself that I’m glad that Winter is coming.

I hate winter. Really, I do. I don’t understand why I continue to live in freaking Minnesota, because this is like the Capital of Winter. We have a damn Winter Carnival here, for crissakes. I can’t afford to ski or buy a snowmobile, and I don’t enjoy ice fishing, so what the hell can I be glad about? Well, there’s actually a few good things about Winter that I’m really looking forward to.

  1. Summit Winter Ale
  2. Being cool enough in the house to make nice soups and stews.
  3. Less summer outdoor activities that make my weekend busier than my week.
  4. The fireplace at the Washington Square Bar and Grill.
  5. Cuddling.
  6. Having time to write on my blog(s).
  7. Watching movies while curled up on the couch. (I’ve still never seen Fight Club!)
  8. Reverse parking lot shitty’s in my front wheel drive.
  9. Not feeling guilty about playing video games.
  10. Maybe, possibly, hopefully getting a vacation this year!

This, people, is the only thing keeping me from freaking out about the fact that it’s only 52 degrees right now, and it’s noon.


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