A very slight change

(This photo is here for no other reason than I took it last fall, and kind of liked it.)

What?! Are you kidding? I’ve actually sat down to write a small feeble bit of whelping in my blog?

Well, yes, I guess I have. Since I haven’t updated this site or this blog in months (again!), it appeared to be time for some change. In fact, change may very well be in the wind again in larger senses as well, but only time will tell.

As you may have noticed, the front page of my blog is now missing. Gone poof bye bye. I haven’t yet decided if I like it yet or not, so it may come back. (Update:  It’s already back.) I’m *really, really* going to try to do a lot more posting on this site, because I need to get into practice for another site that I want to start. The biggest reason that I’ve never had much to say on this site, was that I had no specific purpose in mind for this blog. It lacked (and still lacks) focus, much like my life. In fact, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that my blog would lack focus, now that I think about it! 🙂

So I’ve decided to start another blog. About a completely different topic. And this old blog shall be about my experience in turning the new blog into a profitable side business, complete with advertising revenue and everything. Of course, I will still continue to post on here about my oh-so-exciting life, but as you may have noticed, I very rarely find my life to be worthy of an actual blog post. I’m actually a fairly dull and predictable person, and there’s only so much you can say about selling electronics, surfing the internet, and going to the bar with Aaron and Jay.

And what, praytell, will this new blog be about? What could be so exciting that it would merit it’s own blog? What could be so interesting that it would actually create revenues, pageviews, and click-throughs? (that all rhymed, by the way) Well, you’ll have to wait and see. But be assured, I’ve put myself on a very strict time schedule as to when this all has to be done, and I haven’t given myself much time. No, not much at all….

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and if anyone out there is even still listening, there is (hopefully) much more to come….


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