Posted by: gochet | June 26, 2007

Cochan De Lis


Or, as my friend from Louisiana pronounces it, Koo-shan-de-lay. Which is a kind of creole Louisiana slang for pig roast! Which is what we got to have as a capper to one of the best weekends I’ve ever had here in White Bear Lake.

Friday night was the Manitou days parade, followed later by the Beach Dance featuring the 617 House Band. If you’ve never heard the 617 House Band play, I recommend them wholeheartedly. They have this ‘Tower of Power’ kind of funk that was perfect for an outdoor beach jam, and Sharon and I danced until it was all done, then went to the Washington Square Bar & Grill for some of the best Keilbasa and saurkraut that I’ve tasted in my life.

And that was just the beginning! Saturday morning brought us to the VFW promptly at 9AM, where we had Bloody Marys while waiting for our friends Brad and Mara to show up with their boat. A couple hours later, we were sitting on White Bear Lake enjoying one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far. There were 10 of us on a 22 ft. boat, but we really didn’t go anywhere. We just threw out the anchor, and floated, drank, and laughed.

That only lasted until about 4PM, though, because we had a freakin’ pig roast to go to! Turns out that my friend Satan (aka Laura Knotts) was, along with 3 of her neighbors, throwing a huge block party complete with roasted pig, live band, lots of party games, several kegs, and karaoke.

We, of course, were the life of the party, and I’ve got some pictures to prove it.

I’ll take a lifetime more of weekends like that, please. 🙂


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