Posted by: gochet | June 13, 2007

MS150 2007

The MS150 was last weekend, and you can see photos of it here, if you haven’t already. I thought I might take a moment to tell you a little bit about the weekend.

We arrived at the Blaine Sportscenter at about 4:30 on Friday, and was surprised to see 20 semi-trailers ready and waiting to take our bikes, and the bikes of nearly 3000 other people, up to Proctor High School. We couldn’t find the rest of the Best Buy team, so we just boarded a bus (of which there were also about 20), and proceeded to have the slowest trip to Proctor that anyone has ever experienced. Our driver was clearly working overtime, and getting paid by the hour. 3 ½ hours later, we pulled into Proctor, desperately in need of a bathroom break, and a beer.

The volunteer group (who was incredible, and I can’t say enough good things about them) had already unloaded our bikes into rows, which would be guarded overnight for us, so we set up our tent in the ‘tent city’ area that had been set aside for us, and made our way to the spaghetti dinner being served in the high school. Dinner rocked, and then we took advantage of the shuttle bus to town, so we could have a couple of beers. 2 beers later, it was getting to be twilight, so we headed back to camp, and called it a night.

For about 3 hours. Little did we know that we had set our tent up right in the middle of a pack of college-age partyers who were more intent on drinking all weekend than having a nice ride. At about 11:30 PM they began coming back from the local bars, hooting and hollering, whooping and swearing, pissing and coughing, arriving in waves, and not letting us sleep for about another 3 hours. So began our first day of the MS150.

At about 5:15 AM, we woke to a chilly Saturday morning, and discovered that the line for free pancakes was long enough to go around Proctor High school. Having an empty belly, and no real patience, we decided to just load up our gear, and grab some food from a local gas station.

On our first stop, we got a chance to meet up with Sharon’s sister and her family, who live in the area up there. Then on the second stop, we finally found Efrain Santiago, who had not been able to ride up with us the night before.

(to be continued…)

(Nope.  No, it’s not.  I decided to just go ahead and move on.  Besides, the captions on the photos say everything that needs to be said, anyway!)


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