Coming up to the Polar Plunge.

I really thought that I was going to miss the plunge (unlike last year when this magnificent photo was taken!). I’ve been deliriously ill for the last few days, and I didn’t think that I would be in any condition at all to be jumping into a frozen lake this weekend. Which would have meant just dropping off the donations, and going home to nurse my pounding, sweating, itchy head.

But the SICK seems to have broke from me, and I’m feeling much more chipper today, thank you! By Saturday, all systems should be ‘GO’, and not only am I going to jump in that icy watery heart-stopping basin of death, but my buddy Aaron and girlfriend Sharon have agreed to go with me as well, and are also collecting donations. So we should do pretty good this year.

It’s supposed to be all of 19 degrees for the jump on Saturday, which is ridiculous. Learning from my mistake last year, I will NOT be wearing soaking wet leather moccasins all day this time. I will however, have my bathrobe on, along with a cowboy hat, a bandana (gunslinger style, over the face), and some seriously funky sunglasses that Sharon picked out. I’m gonna bring my camera and camcorder, so there’ll be lots of photos and footage when all is said and done.

And then next week, in all likelyhood, I’m gonna be sick again.



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