Renaissance Festival Day!

It’s been in existance for just as long as I have, and yet this is the first time I’ve ever been there. So there’s actually 3 stories here.

1. The Reason I Went This Year:
Because my girlfriend arranged everything, bought tickets, goaded my extremely hungover ass out of bed (albeit an hour and a half late), and supplied me with much needed beer and sustainance all afternoon long. She’s just two or three notches above great.

2. The Reason I Never Went Before:
Because I have always been pretty sure that the RenFest (as they call it) was just a bunch of losers who like to dress up like imaginary people because they have no lives of their own. You know, like the type of people who dress up to go to Star Trek conventions. While, sadly, this is part of the culture of the Renaissance Festival, there’s also a lot more to it. It’s pretty entertaining even if you’re not a dork. I also had been quite wary of the ‘interactive’ nature of the event. Ive had this horrible vision in my mind’s eye about being forced to perform along with the rest of the looneys while innocently minding my own business, but it’s really not as bad as all that. Sometimes you may get dragged on stage if you’re watching a show, but not much is usually asked of you. And besides, sometimes the performers who drag you on stage are belly dancers.

I like belly dancers.

3. The third portion of the story is in picture form, and there’s no words to go along with it. So enjoy. (Click the ‘slideshow’ link near the top for an easy way to view photos!)

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