Intentions vs. reality: Care to take odds?

For someone who not long ago made public an intention to write everyday, I sure am being pretty half-assed about it, aren’t I?

But it’s OK. I have given myself permission to slack off just a little bit longer. Given myself just a bit more time for neglect. The last week has seen me playing a lot of golf, spending a great deal of time with my splendid and resplendent, well-formed and wonderful girlfriend (whom I am now officially ‘going steady’ with), and imbibing beers and liquors at an admirable rate.

I have visited a host of old haunts in various neighborhoods that I used to terrorize, tracked down old friends, failed to track down old friends, read a couple books, failed to read a couple books, mowed the lawn, cleaned the garage, visited some new places, re-visted some old, and generally been a bit of a pleasant smelling vagrant with a shiny nice car.

Furthermore, I intend to continue this behavior right on through the weekend, more or less. The new gig starts promptly at 8AM Monday morning, and at that point the madness must end. I believe, as the next week or two progresses, I will once again find myself dividing my time up into tiny little bite-sized chunks and pieces, such as you do when you pretend to be organized. At that point, I also believe that I will set aside a 15 or 20 minute block in my day to communicate with you all. Hopefully, that will bring my intention of daily posting to a better fruition.

But until then, this is what you get. Mindless ramblings from a weary and haggard soul who is only moments away from shutting this computer down and making his way to the bar.

I’ll talk to you all again after the weekend!


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