Gone and back again

The blog, my blog, this blog that I promised would start producing more content at greater frequency, and then had the audacity to run and hide as if some sort of humorless prank were being played… this blog is back. It was taken down by me, for the most nefarious of purposes, the pursuit of employment.

When searching for employment in the corporate world, having a blog is a decided liability in nearly all cases. Unless you’re applying for a job writing a blog, which I have discovered, doesn’t pay that well even if you’re a professional. But now it appears that the point is moot. The offer has been made and accepted, the thank-you’s and handshakes have been doled out, the drug tests and pre-employment hoops have been completed…

I now work for the enemy. I now work for Best Buy.

Of course, BB has only been the enemy for me insomuch as my career at Ultimate Electronics was concerned. It has always been a source of frustration and awe for me to attempt to compete against them, both in price and in name. It gave me great headaches from time to time to see them steal my customers away, and at other times gave me a massive sense of accomplishment as I stole away theirs. Such is the nature of sales, where every part of your day, your job, and your life is reduced to a contest against something, someone, or occasionally, yourself.

I have, I believe, taken a step up, and gotten out of the retail end of consumer electronics sales. While electronics will still be my business, I now work on the corporate campus of Best Buy in their business-to-business division. I have been freed from an abhorrent career of nametags, uniforms, Christmas season madness, and ad-shoppers and have catapulted myself into a mysterious and un-sung world of corporate deal-chasing, cold-calling, office politics, and intimate familiarity with the redial button.

Such is life. There are positives and negatives about any move in life, and this one is no different. I have remarked on occasion that ‘the opposite of change is stagnation and decay’ and I find the sentiment apropos to the occasion. I wish I knew where I got that phrase from. It seems like too good of one to come from me.

Anyway, I took down the blog so that no corporate recruiter could find out too much about me while researching my name on the ol’ interweb. And now that the deal is sealed, it’s back, and is likely to stay that way. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for all your email and comments. Both of you.


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