Finding True North.

You’re going to notice a little more action on the ol’ weblog for a bit. I’ve decided to make an effort to start writing every day, if possible. There’s a couple of different reasons for it, and since I have nothing better to talk about today, I’ll go ahead and share those reasons with you right now.

  1. The best way to get into the habit of writing every day is to start writing every day. Simple enough, don’t you think?
  2. I find that writing is very therapeutic. If you read my post from yesterday, you may have noticed that I most certainly require boatloads of therapy.
  3. I think that I’d like to someday write a book. Not necessarily this year or anything, but someday just publish a book, even if it’s just for a couple of close friends and family to read. (Of course, so do 81% of you.) So I’ve been writing a lot offline as well, and maybe someday those ramblings will see the light of day. Writing on the weblog just helps to keep me in practice.
  4. I enjoy it.

And it actually turns out that I do have some other things to talk about! I’m currently attempting to land a job with Best Buy Corporate Offices in Richfield. So if you, or anyone you know, happens to know a recruiter out there, I would sincerely appreciate an introduction. Thanks!

I will be experimenting with different topics, different writing styles, multi-media posts, and a variety of other things as time marches on with this weblog. I think that its time for this site to find a voice. Regarding yesterday’s post about my lack of direction, I realized that the answer may lie in baby-steps. So one of those steps is right here.

Find some direction for this blog.

And maybe that will help the rest of my mind’s compass find True North as well.


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