Posted by: gochet | July 7, 2006

Not working very much has its good points…

(Full disclosure: I typed this damn post once already, and it failed to upload. This is attempt #2, and I am in less of a happy place about the whole thing. Damn computers.)

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Not having a job during the summer in Minnesota is alot like being at summer camp, only no one will cook for you. There’s always biking to be done, lying on the beach, doing yard work (which I actually enjoy), and other sorts of get-some-sun-and-fresh-air goodness to be had. The downside, of course, is my willingness to work for other people is now completely destroyed. Beaten, broken, conquered, dashed, doomed, finished, foiled, ruined, through, undone, vanquished, washed-up, and wrecked. I’m not interested. 🙂

But I’m not having alot of success the last couple weeks generating business online, so what’s a boy to do? My websites are producing a little bit of cash (nearly enough to pay the rent, actually!), but I knew from the beginning that those sites would take months-maybe-years to bear any substantial fruit.

So that leads me to my next option. Merely typing the words is causing me to get the heebie-jeebies. Cold-calling. That very thing which has made me hate sales now rears its ugly head again. The reality, however, is that if done tactfully, cold-calling is amazingly successful. Whatever my strengths in life may be, however (and that point is open to debate), tact has never been one of them. So it remains to be seen if I can pull off a successfull cold-calling campaign. Rest-assured, you’ll hear all about it in future posts, I’m sure.

The photo on the top, incidentally, if from some of the free time I was telling you about. It was taken a couple weeks ago betweeen Cannon Falls and Red Wing, MN along the Cannon Valley Bike Trail. It’s a beautiful and secluded campgroud, and it made a nice little rest stop while my gorgeous and athletic girlfriend and I put 46 miles on our bikes that day. If you get the chance to visit either the bike trail or the campground, I would highly recommend it.

Enough. Enough of the typing, enough of the computer, enough of the internet. I need to get busy on the phone and in the car. There’s a whole list of other cool things that I would like to take my girl, Sharon, out to do, and having some money is the only way its going to work out. So wish me luck, and I’ll try to post more often in the future. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing. In the interest of positive reinforcement, I would love to get some comments or some emails of support from you all about the fact that I’ve QUIT SMOKING!!! 6 weeks now, and counting. HOORAY for me! Everything smells funny! Posted by Picasa



  1. Well its good to hear that you have quit smoking. Good luck

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