This is what I feel like just about every day.

Sharon and I went for a bike ride yesterday, only to discover that it was Manitou Days in White Bear Lake, and there was a parade about to start! So we rode all over town checking out the people getting ready and making last minute preparations on thier floats. It was pretty awesome actually…

And then we came upon a single, solitary lonely clown. He was just sitting by a tree. Watching us as we were watching him. For the first time that afternoon, I felt it would actually be worth pulling out my trusty digital camera to capture a moment in time.

And that’s when he began chasing us, screaming about how we weren’t allowed to take photos of the parade unless we had press passes, and swearing in front of children, throwing empty beer bottles at us that he had been hiding in his pants, and drunkenly vomiting while………

Ok. That never happened. He just sat there patiently, waited for me to photograph him, then he smiled, waved, and we continued our lovely bike ride until dusk, when we had a couple of drinks and pedaled home, happy and exhausted.

This town is so boring sometimes. Posted by Picasa


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