Posted by: gochet | June 12, 2006

New Gallery on the website!

I’ve been staying fairly busy lately with the various services that I’ve been offering via my website, so my posting has been rather lax. I’ve added a gallery of home theater projects to the site, and am getting a little closer to having fully functional. Summer has also snuck up on me, and that always seems to bring with it crazy weekends, too many plans, lots of stuff to do, bicycle riding, golf, and just plain chaos. Then, before I know it, it’ll be getting cold out again…….

I also helped out my buddy Aaron do a couple of concrete jobs this past weekend. I’m going to save you all the nasty details, but I now have a better understanding as to why concrete guys are so prone to heavy drinking and bar fights. It is not a line of work for the timid, lazy, or out-of-shape. It is also not a line of work for me, and I think that I’m going to put my carreer in concrete behind me, and get back to trying to make a living online.

Which, financially, is kind of a disaster so far, but I’m feeling determined. Hopefully most of my creditors are feeling that same kind of hopeful determination right along with me. I ask them if they are hopefully determined whenever they call me and demand some of my overdue payments, and they usually say, “Yes, Mr. Kuhn, we are hopeful that you will start paying your bills soon, and we are determined to get some money from you right now.”

So that’s a step in the right direction, I would think.

I’ll keep updating you with occasional weblog postings right up until Comcast shuts off the cable internet service. Posted by Picasa


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