Posted by: gochet | May 5, 2006

I have relatives in China?!?!

Earlier in this trip, we found out that a step-cousin of mine, Erin Eslinger, has been living in China for several years teaching English. So after a bunch of emails and phone calls, we finally managed to get in touch and she made plans to take a 7 hour train ride to Beijing, in order to meet with us and have some dinner. Yes, it seems like a long way to go just for dinner, but truth be told, she was dying for an excuse to visit Beijing again anyway, so it worked out kind of well for her.

So Wednesday evening, we met for Mexican food and ice cream at Pistol Petes Tex-Mex restaurant. I hadn’t seen her since we were both very small kids, so after dinner and pleasantrys were finished, Erin, her girlfriend, and I went out for a few beers and talked about travel, China, strange foods, the lack of cheese or milk, and a bunch of other dumb stuff. It was pretty fun, and Erin and her girlfriend were super excited to be back in the big city for a bit.

And then yesterday (Thursday), I did nothing. Seriously. Nothing at all. It was all rainy and foggy and crappy outside, so I laid in bed for the entire day, and finished a full size novel. So clearly, nothing worth taking photos of. But just you wait…

Tonight (Friday), we are boarding an overnight train to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, spending all day Saturday at that location, coming back on an overnighter, resting on Sunday, and then traveling to the Great Wall on Monday (weather permitting). So rest assured, within the next few days, I will have a plethora of stories and photos for you. I’ve heard all sorts of interesting stories about this train ride that I’m about to take, so it should be pretty entertaining, if nothing else.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes… 🙂 Posted by Picasa


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