Posted by: gochet | April 28, 2006

Yesterday was stupid.

Well, okay, maybe not stupid. But definitely not exciting either. Turns out that I was more than just a little wiped out from the adventure on Wednesday, so I spent nearly all day yesterday alternating between sleeping and eating, and only left the apartment a couple of times. Once to get my interesting breakfast that I’ve come to like (seen above), and the next time to go out to dinner with Uncle Swede’s company at a restaurant called “The Big Easy”, that has a New Orleans theme, and was actually quite fantastic. But again, I failed to bring my camera. (I didn’t know we were going somewhere cool!)

So yesterday was kind of a wash for me, but I really needed the rest. Today, however, is another big day with all sorts of crazy coolness on tap. It’s about 8AM here right now, and we’re taking off pretty soon, so I should have a pretty good post for tomorrow. Check back when you can, and remember that the word of the day is…

Ni Hao. (hello). Pronounced NEE-HOW.

There will NOT be a word of the day everyday. I guess that kind of makes it the word of the every-few-days, doesn’t it?! 🙂 Posted by Picasa


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