Posted by: gochet | April 21, 2006

I’m outta here.

So it’s about 9AM on flight day, and in about 6 hours I’ll be on a plane to Tokyo for 12 hours, followed by another 4 hour flight to Beijing, where we will arrive at 10PM Saturday (we lose about a half day due to time changes.)

So what does one do to prepare? Well, if you’re me, you wake up at 4AM and drive 20 miles to Forest Lake, because that’s the closest 24 hour Walmart. (And yes, I know that I hate Walmart, and constantly preach about their evils, but I needed some cheap crap, which is Walmart is REALLY good at providing. Oddly enough, most of it is originally from China anyway, and I’m just bringing some of it back to them.) I also want to be as tired as possible for this unholy plane ride, so that I can try to sleep through most of it.

So now, 5 hours later, I’m done packing, and am just sitting here with the heebie-jeebies in my belly as I wait for time to pass until I go. So I thought I would share a couple of things that we’re planning on doing while we’re there. And since it’s so much easier to link to it than actually write about it, you can check out a master list of ‘Things to do in Beijing’ right here.

Well, I’ve got some time to burn right now, and my immediate impulse is to start drinking. At 9AM. Because I kind of hate flying. But instead, I think I’m going to go clean out my car. For about 20 minutes. Then we’ll just have to see…


Talk to ya soon!


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