I have a bright sparkly new job. :-)

So, now it’s official. On Monday, Feb 13th, I will be starting to do corporate web services sales at a company in Minneapolis called Iexposure. I am EXCEEDINGLY happy about this little turn of events for a variety of reasons. In fact, there are so many reasons, I am going to create a numbered list in order to share them with you. Everyone ready?…

1. I’m running out of drinking money, and really need to start working again!

2. I’m an internet junkie anyway, and I fit right in with these folks, and all their web-geekyness.

3. I finally, finally, finally have a job that doesn’t pander to drunk people or bargain shoppers. Freaking Yay.

4. I no longer sell anything that requires me to pester my family or friends in order to make a living.

5. I’ve never seen anyone in their offices wear anything except jeans and occasionally baseball caps.

6. I think I’ll make real money here.

So, all in all, fate did it to me again. For some reason, every time something happens in my life that I think is bad, it nearly always turns out to be a great thing. Or, at least, not nearly as bad as I originally thought. I kind of like that.

So, chin up and eyes forward, everyone. It appears that I won’t be calling you to borrow money and sleep on your couch, after all.

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