Polar Plunge 2006.

If you’re ever thinking about jumping in a freezing cold lake during the middle of January in order to raise money for the Special Olympics, here’s a couple pointers for you.

1. Start raising money before 9 AM the day of the jump. Although I am impressed that we managed to come up with the $150 minimum fee in only about an hour. Thank you local bars!

2. Don’t wear slippers. The robes and pajamas were kind of funny, but the damn slippers just got soaking wet, and I nearly lost my toes. And I like my toes.

3. DO wear some sort of interesting hat. Or you’re gonna feel left out. Everyone wears funny hats.

4. Have something warm to put on when you’re done. Walking around in wet, frozen slippers after submerging yourself in an icy lake is for the birds. Even the Special Olympics kids thought I was stupid for that one.

5. Don’t try to speak immediately after leaving the water. Nothing comes out of your mouth.

6. Go to Washington Square Bar & Grill when you’re done, and brag. And drink Jagermeister/RedBull shots. You earned it.

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One thought on “Polar Plunge 2006.

  1. Even though I said you were crazy for doing this…..looking back, this is exactly the type of thing I would have done (maybe not in my 30’s, but certainly late teens/early 20’s). We used to drive to the lake (sandpits) as soon as there was open water, but still lots of ice and jump in, then race back to the car to warm up. Like mother, like son??

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