Caution: Rant.

I have noticed a disturbing trend recently among friends of mine, and its high time to shine a light on the problem, in the hope that opening up an intelligent and thoughtful discussion will lead to a workable solution.

People are failing to get cel phones.

Not only that, but people are also failing to get email addresses. And sometimes, also failing to even get computers! This is unacceptable! How can these people expect to communicate with me? How can I call them, and expect to recieve instant response?! How am I supposed to send these people useless email messages while I waste time at work?!

My roommate has no cel phone, and no computer. My friend Efrain has no cel phone, and no computer. Occasionally I have something that I would like to share with these fools (like this post, for instance), but I am constrained by their rejection of technology. And because of this, they will never read this post and know my pain! I can’t even call them to tell them how frustrated I am.

Bastards. Even though they both tell me that their life has become simpler and less chaotic since dumping excess technology, I pity them, and their care-free relaxed lifestyle. If I have to deal with constant always-on communication with the rest of the world, so should everyone else.

I am a little bitter about this, and thank you for hearing my little cry for help. I have to go check my email now, then my phone messages, and read my weblogs, check my online news sources, etc., etc., etc. Shane and Efrain suck! (And they’ll never know I said it.)


One thought on “Caution: Rant.

  1. Dear Cyber Buddy,

    After the initial shock of reading your rant wore off, I thought to myself, “Self, you are a potential target of rants such as these! You must take swift and decisive action to avoid potential Internet embarrassment!” So, I did. Here you are, you pompous, arrogant gear-head. I now have an e-mail address to go along with my cell phone. Don’t bother writing, though. I’ve already put you on my spam list. Still, the best way to get a hold of me is to look next to a bottle of good Irish whiskey. See you at the Square for a shot of Crown (on Bruce, of course)!


    Johnny Jameson

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