What the ‘bleep’ do we know?

Though you may not believe it, I actually try to keep my opinions to myself sometimes. (Ok, not very often.) This is not one of those times.

I have always had a tough time swallowing most of what I learned regarding different religions, and I have always been fascinated by quantum physics. These two things, most would assume, don’t really go together. Quantum physics, however, demands that there be some sort of force beyond what we can understand, which really pushes for the existence of some sort of God. This is all pretty deep, and usually I just don’t want to talk about it, because it makes my head hurt.

But someone else evidently has been having the same thoughts as me. And they made a film about it. I really think that you should rent this movie. Right now. Go to Netflix or Blockbuster’s website and order it. It’s interesting, it will make you think, it will change the way you view your life, and it may even change you a little.

The movie itself is kind of corny in spots, and goes off on some silly little story about some unhappy bitch and her problems, but the discussions about physics, religion, and how the world works are worth it. Now more than ever, I strive for a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics, because it appears to hold some answers to questions that mankind has been asking for centuries.

Alot of this movie is feel-good crapola, and mystic-guru-medicine man bullshit, but its frank discussions on quantum theory are worth the price of admission, if for no other reason than it’s a little different from all that other mindless crap we always watch, and the animations and soundtrack are stunning!

And with that, I now officially put an end to movie reviews on this site. Because the world does NOT need anymore movie reviewers. (It needs more decent cooks, though, don’t you think?)
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