Heroes and Idols.

I have two heroes.

One is Mark Cuban. This guy amazes me. He started a little company called Broadcast.com, sold it to Microsoft for 5.7 BILLION dollars, bought himself a little basketball team, started the very first all HD television station in the U.S., and is smarter about technology than any one I know of. He makes some excellent statements about the future of content and distribution on his weblog, and you should all hope and pray that the United States Supreme Court agrees with what this man has to say.

My other idol is Jesse Ventura. That is a man who’s not afraid to say unpopular things. Which I respect. And I like it when he grows his beard out and braids it right after he gets done being the Governor of Minnesota. Awesome.
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One thought on “Heroes and Idols.

  1. Fucking right Chet, because Mark Cuban without reading the link is one of my idols also. Great minds think the same, and hopefully we will both be billionare’s because of our Einstein like creations in this world that has not yet been tapped in terms of financial gain without fucking anyone or anybody over. Just creating something someday that gives wealth without the sorrow of someones misfortune because of what you did in decision. Thus Mark Cuban is the man because he made his employees millionares before the opening IPO of his dream, and now he still is someone I hope to be better than of just like because that rocks.
    Later Richard,

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