Posted by: gochet | March 26, 2005

Corporate America Rocks.

So there’s a new rule where I work, and it’s the one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of corporate thinking. I have now been informed that I have 45 minutes to eat my lunch. And that’s wonderful.

Then I was informed that if I punch back in, and start working before 30 minutes have passed, I will be verbally reprimanded, then written reprimands, then possibly terminated. Because I went back to work early.

So, in order to burn the last 15 minutes of my lunch, which I do not need, I am posting this nonsense onto the internet for all the world to see. And I wonder if I will be reprimanded for this as well.

Such is the way of the world in corporate America.

Anybody hiring out there that would like an employee who takes short lunches?


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