Small vacation. Blurry photo. It’s my birthday soon.

For the next 10 days, I will not answer your phone calls, respond to your email, rescue your dog from killer bees, or anything else that you may have expected that I would do. For I am going golfing.

In fact, I am going to climb into my truck, drive south until I hear birds chirping and feel pleasant outdoors, and then ask the nearest gas station attendant ‘Where is the nearest golf course with a hotel and a bar nearby?’ At that point, I will quit driving, and start drinking. Then I will play golf for 4 days. And have cocktails.

Then I shall return, refreshed, and much less angry at the world and all you masochistic bastards that populate it. Wish me a happy birthday, and I will have photos for you when I return, assuming that you have managed to not piss me off upon my arrival.

See you soon…

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