Aqua Teen Hunger Force, revisited.

The first real post I ever made on this blog was me bitching about the fact that I didn’t see the humor behind this show on the Cartoon network’s Adult Swim.

I have seen the error of my ways. I rented the DVD’s of the first season from Netflix, and I now understand that Meatwad (one of the characters) is the funniest thing ever. Funnier than Richard Pryor, funnier than Robin Williams on coke, funnier than a guy being hit in the nuts with a tennis ball. He’s really, really funny.

So I officially apologize to my friend Fussy, who I’ve been telling that he’s an idiot for liking that show. I am the idiot. And I am humbled before you. Meatwad is King.


2 thoughts on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force, revisited.

  1. humbled before fussy???

    That is a sad state of affairs indeed, my meatwad-loving friend.

    Besides, we all know the real genius of ATHF is Carl, possibly the most complex character ever created.

    You two can keep you ball of processed 80% lean meat. I’ll take carl in his wifebeater any day….

    ~Jamon in Arizona~

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