The White Bear Project.

So I’ve been trying to spend less money DRINKING lately, and God knows I need a hobby that doesn’t cost me as much as the rest of my hobbies seem to, so I’ve decided to create a mission. (This way I can tell people, “Don’t bother me. I’m on a mission.”)

The mission is as follows: If you live in White Bear Lake, or have ever visited here, you may have noticed that LOTS and LOTS of people around here have put little statues of polar bears in their yards. Some sort of hometown pride, or something. I find this absolutely hilarious. Truly. So I’ve decided to take pictures of as many of these little freaky statues as I can find, and post them on the internet, thereby enabling people from all over the world to see what a bunch of dorks we are in White Bear Lake.

Now, this started out being just some crazy idea I had while smoking a cigarette that my buddy gave me (which didn’t look like it came from the store, but he swore that it was “the goods”, whatever that means.) It has now taken on a life of it’s own, due to the hundreds of polar bear statues that we’ve found.

Check my website periodically for the upcoming display of crazy polar bear love. And if you know anybody who has one of these in their yard, tell them to send me a picture of it, along with their address. I’m getting low on gas money driving around finding all these damn things.


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