Posted by: gochet | November 16, 2004

Oh, you’re still here??

Ahem…. er, yeah…. so back to the task at hand. I was going to show you some of my favorite websites, wasn’t I? Well, sometimes I get bored and I don’t want to wax political, don’t want to review technology websites, and don’t want to get any actual work done. Sometimes I just want to be seriously amused. When that time comes, I head over to Screenhead.

From their own website, “Screenhead is an online review of funny shit. Gross Photoshop humor, idiotic Flash animations, laughable Japanese commercials—updated twelve times a day.”

This website is just no damn fun if you don’t have broadband (fast internet), so don’t even try. In fact, if you don’t have some sort of broadband connection, you should just forget about reading my blog anymore, and go lie in the dirt. With no ice cream.


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