Posted by: gochet | November 6, 2004

This entire post is stolen.

Yeah, that’s right. I stole this entire post from Screenhead (a great weblog, by the way), because I had to show you the site they are referring to, and I couldn’t possibly introduce it any better than they did.

American liberals, Gays, Kerry supporters, patients who might have benefited from stem cell research, scientists, atheists, biology teachers, librarians, nature enthusiasts, water drinkers, Alec Baldwin : Maddox is here to help you. You know you want to these days, and Maddox wants to see that you do it properly.

Suggestion six : Headbutt the sidewalk

“Step 1: Slam your head into the sidewalk. Step 2: Repeat.

Headbutting is probably the manliest thing ever. Not only is it useful for suicide, it’s also a great way to break up with your girlfriend. “

How to Kill Yourself Like a Man [The Best Page in the Universe]

Comedy, folks. This is only comedy.


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