Posted by: gochet | October 11, 2004

A little about jazz.

I freaking hate jazz. Honestly, I’ve tried to give it a chance, and I’ve tried on numberous occasions, but the fact remains. I hate jazz. There’s just no beat. Or discernable melody. It sounds like a bunch of musicians warming up. Furthermore, these musicians don’t like each other. And each musician thinks that he’s wasting his or her time with these other talentless hacks.

I’ve walked out of bars due to jazz. I’ll walk out of yours, too, if you play jazz while I’m there. Don’t play jazz while I’m in the car with you either, ’cause I’ll fucking get out and walk, I swear it. Also, don’t try to explain jazz to me, because I no longer care. It’s not any good. I don’t even think that people who listen to jazz actually like it. I think that they’re just trying to impress other people with their love of jazz, because it’s so hip and trendy. Knock it the hell off.

This has been building up for years. I’m glad to have gotten it off my chest. I feel lighter somehow.


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