Tuesdays are for golf.

The weather is beginning to get that nip, and the trees are starting to turn ever so slightly to shades of colors that you can’t quite call green. This means that, whatever financial condition I might be in, paying ridiculous amounts of money to go swear at a small white ball who WON’T OBEY ME is perfectly sensible, because it may be months before I get to do it again.

So off to Falcon Ridge in Stacy, MN I went, and because my friend Derek once again backed out on me, I walked 18 holes today alone, and rediscovered what it is that I like about golf. You turn off your phone and put it in the bag with your watch and your wallet, and for just a few hours, the rest of the goddamn world goes away. No elections, no job, no bank accounts, no to-do lists, no nothing.

Just me and that goddamn ball, who won’t obey me unless I just breathe deep, relax, let go of the world, swing calmly and cleanly…

and swear.

God, I love golf.


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