Monster Truck Rally and The Ice Capades.

It appears that this is all we’re going to be watching at the Xcel Energy Center this winter, since the NHL can’t get its act together. With a nationwide strike planned for this years hockey season, and a great big building in St. Paul that normally would be full of hockey fans, do you think we’ll be seeing more monster trucks? Maybe more Disney on Ice? How about monster trucks on Ice? Wouldn’t that be cool? Or how about monster truck demolition super SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY extravagnazas! On Ice! (You’ll pay for the whole seat, but YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!)

Or, for those of you who REALLY need the hockey, G4 TechTV is planning on broadcasting NHL 2005 video games (live!) every time that a hockey game is missed this season. How cool is that?


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