Posted by: gochet | September 22, 2004

Being 10 years old

So I just watched Star Wars for the first time since I was, like, 10 years old or something, and I can’t tell you how much fun that was. (It helps that I have a 106″ movie screen in my apt.) I sat through this film being deluged with memories of my Star Wars bedspread and sheet set, my X-Wing fighter model that I put together WITHOUT ANY HELP, and that old Star Wars video game (Atari?). Man, it’s like the way-back machine that cartoon dog used to have.

It appears that I was a tech geek even back then, because I remember dedicating an unnatural amount of time to that video game.

I also (oddly) remember that I read this sentence in one of my older cousin’s magazines:

What’s a chasm doing in the Death Star, anyway?

I remember this because I had to go look up ‘chasm’ in the dictionary. And when I found out what it meant, I thought “Yeah, what’s a chasm doing in the Death Star, anyway?”



  1. Chet! It’s your worst golfing nightmare (Travis)! The chasm on the Death Star is not a chasm at all. It is, instead, a dry river bed left when the Empire drained the entire valley! Call me when you can (John has the number). I need to talk pirate stuff with ya! Fairways and greens, amigo!


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