Posted by: gochet | September 21, 2004

No one may ever see me again

Ok, so I’m screwed. My roommate and I just went out this morning and bought Tiger Woods 2005, and the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. Needless to say, I’m not going to be going to be getting anything done anytime soon. Or ever.

So if I told you that I was going to come over and wash your cat or install a new set of window awnings or something like that, I just want to go on record right now and tell you that it ain’t gonna happen. Sorry.



  1. Dont buy from this guy. Bad ebayer. Won the bid to wash my cat 3 days ago and still no money.

  2. My first response to my weblog! A time for celebration, joy, and horrible vengeance. (Just wait until I get my hands on that damn cat…)

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